PHPSimpleChoose is a randomizer based on user input.  The user will put in some text and the script will return one of these pieces.  You can try this on thr demo page.  It can also be customized.  You can easily change the text in the script.  You are able to change how mant text boxes there are, and even the user can choose.  It is all controllable from an admin interface.  The point is, we are working to make this script even better.

Talk, bugs, feature requests...

...and more can be discussed on our project page.  This will be the backbone of our project, so please contribute.


Do you need to add some fun to your site?  Look no further.  With PHPSimpleChoose you can let your users input terms and have one randomly choosen.  Every bit of text is changeable, and we are working on allowing you to choose how many text boxes there are.  We have also intergrated many <span> elements to allow CSS customization.

Contact  Us

You can email us at prattmic@users.sourceforge.net.

For support problems, bugs or feature reaquests please go to our project page.


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