About Us


PHPSimpleChoose was started when I was thinking about whether I should go to bed, or listen to to music.  I thought
"I should make a script to choose for me."
So I did.  The first version was just to text boxes with no customability, but I expanded.  Soon you could change almost every aspect of it.  I hope this script can be very useful.


Currently there are 2 developers of PHPSimpleChoose.  They are prattmic and master5006.  We have worked together before, and both feel this can be a very useful script.


Do you need to add some fun to your site?  Look no further.  With PHPSimpleChoose you can let your users input terms and have one randomly choosen.  Every bit of text is changeable, and we are working on allowing you to choose how many text boxes there are.  We have also intergrated many <span> elements to allow CSS customization.

Contact  Us

You can email us at prattmic@users.sourceforge.net.

For support problems, bugs or feature reaquests please go to our project page.


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